Rollerworks - Open-source software

This website is currently under active development, for now please take a look at some of our projects.

Standalone libraries (Components)

RollerworksSearch provides you with a powerful search system for your PHP applications.

Whether you want to simply search for users in your SQL database, want to provide a powerful search system for searching products using an ElasticSearch back-end or are looking for an easy way to abstract filtering for a reporter, everything is possible.

RollerworksDatagrid provides a powerful datagrid system for your PHP applications.

The Datagrid system makes the styling and transforming of your data more uniform and easier to use. Secondly the system can take care of specific (styling) issues like sorting and paginating.

A simple library, to safely encode a string for usage in a URI. And some minor extra's, like string compression.

Easy and powerful breadcrumbs navigation for Symfony powered applications.

This package requires the Symfony HTTPKernel component and can be used in any Symfony powered application (including the Symfony full stack framework) as long as the Symfony DependencyInjection component is used for dependency injection.

Symfony bundles

This Symfony bundle provides a validator for ensuring strong passwords in your application.

The RollerworksRouteAutoWiringBundle allows to import multiple route collections using an autowiring system.

The RollerworksNavigationBundle adds the ability to define menu-structures and breadcrumbs for the KnpMenuBundle in the application-config.

The AppSectioning configurator helps with separating your Symfony application into multiple sections (eg. frontend and backend).
Each with there own configurable (conflict detected) URI pattern.